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High-performance Web and XML Server for BACnet

If you're a developer of facility automation systems or controls that use BACnetTM communications software, chances are you've had a hard time finding ways to provide web server access to your BACnet devices. Between the complexities of the BACnet standard and the growing popularity of internet and IP infrastructures, even seemingly simple communications goals can pose daunting problems. Who has the time to become both a BACnet expert and an internet, web server and XML expert? You need to get a leg up on all this technology. You need a way to interface between BACnet-based automation systems and popular color-graphic web pages that can dynamically display BACnet information. Maybe you even need to be able to get BACnet information in XML form to simplify some of your applications. You need to do all of this without breaking the budget. You need a product made for OEM and multi-site applications. You need TundraTM Web Server.

TundraTM web server is high-performance Web and XML Server for BACnet. Tundra runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000 and XP, and provides a robust set of features tailored to the needs of BACnet designers. Tundra can act as a secure portal to BACnet-based systems that is accessible through public and private internets. Tundra can also be used as a lower cost alternative to other BACnet workstation solutions.

Tundra uses our famous fifth-generation BACdoor Client technology to deliver fast and reliable performance. Tundra works with both Ethernet 8802-3 and ARCNET local area network types using NDIS-compliant drivers, and supports BACnet/IP. You can even use MS/TP through any standard serial COM port with an external EIA232-485 converter, or PTP through any standard serial COM port.

Tundra acts as an intermediary between BACnet devices and any number of users who access Tundra through a standard internet web browser. In Tundra's role as a web server, it can serve HTML pages containing text, graphics, animations, photographs and all the usual features of any "website." In addition, Tundra can replace portions of a web page template with dynamic information acquired in real-time from BACnet devices. These dynamic graphic pages can represent not only text and numbers but also images and colors that change according to BACnet-derived data.


  • HTTP web page server
  • Embedded tagging for dynamic page features
  • Reading and Writing of common primitive value types for most BACnet object properties
  • Built-in forms interaction
  • Transparent caching for high performance
  • Password and security features
  • Device and object mapping and discovery features
  • XML presentation web services
  • Detailed tutorial
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000 or XP
Network Interface: any NDIS-compliant Ethernet NIC, SMC COM20020-based ARCNET,
standard serial COM port and EIA232-485 converter
LANs: Ethernet, ARCNET, MS/TP, PTP, BACnet/IP

OEM and Multi-Site Binary licensing available

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice!

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