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PolarSoft is the leading source in the world for BACnet training and education. In addition to two courses we developed and teach for ASHRAE (the short course "Introduction to BACnet" and the Professional Development Seminar "Understanding and Specifying Basic BACnet Systems"), we offer a range of training and education services.

On-site training packages are available on a customized basis at any level of detail. Typical courses are:

  • 1/2 day Introductory Seminar
  • full day Introduction with targeted agenda
  • full day Specifying BACnet using BIBBs
  • full day Intermediate BACnet Application Concepts (Scheduling, Alarms and Events)
  • 2.5 day Comprehensive Networking Seminar (Data Communications, LANs, BACnet Intro, BACnet Intermediate, Specifying Overview)
  • 2.5 day Developer's Workshop (Basic Ideas, encoding, ASN.1, strategies)

Contact us about your specific requirements.

We have a library of standard course modules (click on title for detail):

  • Basics of BACnet (3hr,introductory)
  • LAN/Media Types in detail (1hr,intermediate)
  • Alarms and Events (1hr,intermediate)
  • Scheduling (1hr,intermediate)
  • Trending (1hr,intermediate)
  • Network Tools (1hr,intermediate)
  • Bandwidth Issues and Strategies (1hr,intermediate)
  • Device Profiles (1hr,intermediate)
  • Basic Message Structure and Encoding (3hr,advanced)
  • Essential Objects and Services (3hr,advanced)
  • The MS/TP MAC Layer (3hr,advanced)

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