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PolarSoft's products make use of the BACnetTM communications standard. This standard, ISO 16484-5, also known as ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2001 and its subsequent addenda, represent over 14 years of effort and thousands (if not tens of thousands) of hours of development by manufacturers, consulting engineers, building owners, facility managers, academic and government institutions.

The resulting standard has been widely adopted by a large number of vendors of building automation and control equipment, mechanical equipment, HVAC&R, lighting, fire/life safety and other related types of building systems.

The birth of an open standard into what have been traditionally closed and proprietary industries, has enabled new classes of products and tools to be developed. PolarSoft has been at the forefront of the development of this new technology, and a significant force in both its design and adoption worldwide. PolarSoft's products represent the broadest range of third-party BACnet software products available anywhere.

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Product Summaries
BACbeatTM Easy to use and essential testing and checkout tool for BACnet
BACdoorTM Client Client communications software for applications to make requests to other BACnet devices
BACdoorTM OEM Client Client communications software for OEM applications requiring volume licensing
BACdoorTM Citect Client Client communications driver for CitectTM color graphic software
BACdoorTM DDE Server Dynamic Data Exchange interface to BACdoor Client
BACdoorTM Server Framework for building a BACnet server device such as a gateway
BACnet Quick TestTM (BQT) BACnet device explorer and rapid test program
BACroomTM Interface gateway between Hotel Reservation systems and BACnet
BACsimTM BACnet server device simulator
BACtraceTM Our newest Debugging, Packet Capture and Protocol Analysis tool specialized for MS/TP
BACtrackTM Debugging, Tracing and Protocol Analysis tool
BDAlarmTM Workstation class Alarm Management Client for BACnet Systems
FreeRangeTM VSB
BACnet componentware for building optimized BACnet client and server applications on embedded platforms with maximal portability
FreeRangeTM Router Full featured BACnet multiport Router for BACnet/IP, Ethernet 8802-3 and MS/TP
TundraTM Web Server Small but mighty web server that serves HTML and XML pages with dynamic BACnet data!

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